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Like you, we set out to build something beautiful. You have infinite choices when it comes to what high-end candles to stock in your boutique. Ours were created for knowledgeable fine fragrance purveyors. 

POTIO APOTHECA is centered on fragrance. We spent years testing and developing nuanced fragrances with a fragrance house in New York. The cold throw hooks your customers at first sniff and the scent throw delivers on that promise at home.

We took great care in the process and only a handful of fragrances passed our tests.

Fragrances are personal and we wanted to offer a selection so everyone finds their favorite. We offer 5 fragrances in the following fragrance families: woody, floral, spicy, botanical, and citrus. The result: all our fragrances sell equally. Naturally we thought there would be a frontrunner, but given our diligence we are delighted to share that you can’t go wrong with your selection.

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POTIO APOTHECA candles are hand poured in small batches right here in California. The substantial glass offers a difference your customers will feel while browsing your store. The glass is screen printed with a simple white paint strip and feature a transparent logo. They add to a space without competing, and the price point and minimalist design offers wide appeal to the discerning candle lover.

Our gift ready boxes are made from textured paper and we used a hot stamp printing process to produce beautiful glossy black ink. The box is heavy to support the thick glass and we feature the fragrance notes on the back, inviting each customer to explore the top, heart, and base notes. Our candles have a burn time of 50 hours.

Selecting candles for your boutique is often a difficult task because candles are a product you need to smell and hold to gauge your commitment. For this reason, we have partnered with Faire to make it as easy and risk free for you as possible with free returns and 60-day payment terms.

We have quick turnaround times of 3-5 business days and offer low minimums. We also include samples with each order so that you can burn these in store and help move more product.

Prefer to work with us directly? We love that too. Simply email us at with your request. We will send you a shopify wholesale checkout link so you can easily view and complete your order. We also use Shippo to ensure low cost shipping.

Thank you for checking out POTIO APOTHECA. We hope to partner with you soon!

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